Hi there, it’s me (again)

As some of you know, I launched my blog earlier this year but I had some hosting issues (as well as time-management ones if I am being honest), so, here we are again in July 2018, trying to make it work this time ! For starter, here is an article about my 2017 recap-2018 goals.

2017 recap

2017 has been quite a year! Lots and lots of changes but I think it eventually turned into something good.

I moved back from the US to France in May 2017,  I got an apartment near Paris and a job that allows me to travel fairly often.

Talking about travel, I’ve actually been traveling quite a bit since I’ve been back. During my 5 years in the US, I was barely able to travel as I was a very broke full-time student. Besides going back to France to see my family, I only took shorts trips to Spain, Italy and the UK (and Turkey—but that’s another story).

Aalborg's streets
Aalborg’s streets

My first 2017 trip was during summer, to the West Coast of France to see the places I used to go to as a kid. In November I went to Aalborg (Denmark) and Gothenburg, (Sweden). I also headed to Amsterdam & Hengelo (Holland) in December. It was my first time in all three countries. I had been to Amsterdam’s airport countless of time, but never actually went out. I was super excited for these trips and they didn’t disappoint. It would be hard to pick a favorite between my trip to Denmark and the one to the Netherlands—it was two different types of trips as I went to Aalborg to explore solo but went to Holland to see some friends—both were amazing and I would go back in a heartbeat.

Getting more into personal stuff, I think I definitely made some progress with photos: my pictures are getting better and I’m also shooting more and more in manual mode (probably like 85% of the time), it’s something I’m very happy about. I started posting some on my Instagram account and tried to post regularly which I’m sometimes bad at. I’ve also been thinking quite a lot about starting this blog and now I feel like I have enough experience and that I’m back enough into the traveling mode to start it and add (hopefully great) content.

2018 goals

One of my biggest goal in forever was to visit 20 countries by the time I turn 30. I actually was able be able to cross this goal off my bucket list last May, two whole years before the 30th birthday deadline. I usually don’t set goals for myself in life but I was very very excited about reaching that one, probably because I’ve wanted this since I’m like 12. So I decided to set a new goal, a bit more difficult this time : traveling to 30 countries by the time I turn 30… I am currently 28, visited 22 countries; I have a few trip planned later this year, and hopefully more next year… I guess just need to keep traveling, right ?

Another goal is to take a bigger trip to a non-European destination–I went to Florida in February but it’s like going home for me so I do not count it as a trip per se–so I’ll be heading to Cuba in the fall. I am very excited.

Exploring Korčula

For European destinations, Poland was definitely in my Top 3 for 2018 with Croatia and Finland. I got to go to Croatia in May but I will postpone the two other destinations as I kind of already planned all my trips for 2018.

What are your travel goals this year ? Anything special to cross off your bucket list ?

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