Day Trip To Savannah

Oldest city in Georgia, USA, Savannah is a lovely town with its historic buildings, cobblestone streets, and parks. With amazing food and music scenes, it’s the perfect destination for a weekend getaway.

My trip to Savannah was a bit of an impromptus trip with two of my friends so I didn’t do a ton of research beforehand but I had found a 10,000 steps journey map and we decided to follow it… with a few twists.

We found free parking on Hall St by Forsyth Park, which allowed us to be pretty close to everywhere. It was also close to the Dot Shuttle, a free shuttle that serves 12 stops around the Historic District. We started with a light lunch at the Foxy Loxy Café. I really wanted to try their cheese board but I knew I had some more foods to try that day so I settle for a quiche instead. They have different seating areas—outdoor and indoor and a cool selection of coffees and sweets.


Going North on Bull St, we wandered around Forsyth Park for a while. There is a farmers market till 1p.m. on Saturday. The park itself is really nice and it is nice to walk around it for a while. After that, we took Abercorn St toward the Cathedral of St. John The Baptist, a French Gothic style cathedral. Gorgeous; especially its apse and the stained glass windows.


We then walked by the Historic District Police Station, the Colonial Park Cemetery, Parker’s Market and its really cool gas station; Chippewa Square where the famous Forrest Gump scene was filmed, and turned back on Bull St heading toward the riverfront. Over there, lots of bars and little shops: great for a walk along the river.


Quick stop at Marché de Macarons on Abercorn St to treat ourselves with some macaroons before waiting in line for Leopold‘s famous ice cream. We tried the banana, strawberry and coconut flavors–they’re amazingly good–totally worth the 30+ minutes wait in the sun.


Our day ended at City Market where we enjoyed live music and peach sangria at the Café at City Market (ask for extra peaches!). Open containers are allowed so don’t hesitate to ask for one to-go.


Our journey ended up being 8,000 steps over what the itinerary said, needless to say that our legs were quite tired, but Savannah is definitely a charming city. Lots of bachelorette parties walking around, lots of dogs, everybody is friendly, we definitely loved it!



Have you been to Savannah before? Did you like it? If not, is there another old charming town you recommend?

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