10 Travel Snacks You Need to Pack

Buying food at the airport can get pretty expensive and healthy options aren’t always available, that’s why I always try to bring my own snacks while traveling. Here is a list of easy-to-carry snacks to take on your next trip.

Fruits & veggies

Fruits and vegetables can make a great fresh snack. Prefer firm ones so they won’t get all mushy in your bag. I usually take an apple, a banana, cucumber sticks or baby carrots. Cauliflower florets and cherry tomatoes are great options too. You can also freeze some grapes to make an yummy snack while helping to keep your snacks chilled.

Dried fruits

Raisins, fried cranberries, pineapple.. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to dried fruits. I’m a big fan of dried mangoor mango jerky as I call it, I always have some in my pantry. Try some different ones to find your own favorite !

Applesauce & fruit pouches

If I have to fly overnight or early in the morning, you can be sure that I will have some kind of fruit pouch in my bag. They are my favorite items for a breakfast on the go. If you get tired of the apple flavor, just head to the baby food section in your supermarketno shame hereand you will find some cool flavors like peach or mango.

Nuts make a great snack


Just like dried fruits, nuts are easy to carry and make easy healthy snacks. Almonds, pistachios, cashews, peanuts… Salted, roasted, caramelized… the options are endless.

Dips & nut butters

To go along with your fruits and veggies, why not bringing some dips ? Just one thing : make sure your dip doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Almond butter and single-serve hummus packets are my favorites.  If you are not sure whether the dip you are bringing will be considered as a liquid by TSA, just use a 3.3oz (100mL) container or under.

Cookies & Crackers

Salty or sweet, cookies and crackers are always great snacks. Pretzels are fun too. Just make sure you keep them in a Ziploc bag so you don’t leave crumbles everywhere.

Granola bars (and other bars)

Granola bar, energy bar, protein bar… whatever bar. These pocket-size snacks are perfect to travel and are already individually wrapped. The coconut cream pie from Lärabar is my go-to snack.

Some of my favorite snacks, at home or on the go !

Baked Chips

(or “crisps” as they say in the UK!) I was a little unsure the first time I tried oven-baked chips but they are actually great ! I really like turnip and sweet potatoes ones, but they are so many kinds out there. They are a healthier option than regular chips and still super tasty !


As a French person, I am obviously addicted to cheese. When I travel, I stick to hard cheeses as they will do better once out of the fridge, or I grab a few Laughing Cow triangles.

Dried meat

Meat lovers, this one is for you ! You might not be able to bring a T-bone on the plane, but you can definitely grab some jerky, cured ham or salami.

Let me know what are your favorite snacks and… bon appétit !

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2 thoughts on “10 Travel Snacks You Need to Pack

  1. I love to bring lots of protein and granola bars along with either some popcorn or pretzels just in case I get peckish ;). Great suggestions! I have never bought fruit or veggies with me but maybe I will for my next flight.


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