Traveling by Train or Bus

Some places are not accessible by plane, or some of us maybe don’t want to fly. It doesn’t mean that travel is impossible though, right? There are trains and buses ! Let’s talk about ground transportation for a bit.

Back when I lived in the United States, I was not a big user of ground transportation simply because buses and trains in Florida are not the greatest way to travel… However, whenever I am in Europe, I travel by train fairly often. There the railroad system is actually pretty good. Of course, there are strikes from time to time, and trains get delayed pretty much everyday, but I still think they have some advantages to using ground transportation.

No need to drive to the nearest airport

Trains and buses are pretty useful since they serve more cities and small villages. If you are from a smaller town, no need to drive to the airport of a “big” city nearby to travel; you can just catch a train directly in your town if there’s a train/bus station. My hometown has a train station but if I need to fly somewhere, I have an hour-drive to the nearest airport, it is not fun.

Amsterdam train station
Traveling from Amsterdam to Hengelo (Netherlands)

Enjoy the scenery

Some buses have wifi on board; if not, you can get another type of entertainment for free:  watch the landscape unfold before your eyes. I had to take a bus to go from Bosnia to Croatia last May, we drove along the coast for hours and the landscape was just breathtaking.

Coastal road between Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Split (Croatia)

Ground transportation is definitely slower than a plane, but it is often cheaper, and most railroad companies are very flexible with the number of luggage allowed on board too. Last June I went from Philadelphia to New York City for just a few bucks.

Here are some websites to book your train/bus tickets:

In the US:

Amtrak (bus and train) – Greyhound (bus only) – GoToBus (bus only) – FlixBus (bus only)

In Europe:

RailEurope (combine 5050 different train companies across Europe) – Oui SNCF (French company but can book European destinations) – OuiBus (bus only)FlixBus (bus only) –  Eurolines (bus only)

Do you use ground transportation often ? Tell me why !

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