Søstrene Grene Mini Shopping Spree !

As much as I try sticking to a budget to save up as much money as I can for my travels, I couldn’t resist buying a few items at one of my favorite budget-friendly store : Søstrene Grene. They have a bunch of very cheap items that can be useful to travelers, so I couldn’t resist showing you what I bought.

I discovered Søstrene Grene when I was in Denmark this winter but they have stores all over Europe and in Japan. I stopped by their store last week and I figured it was the perfect opportunity to write an article about them.

My mini shopping spree at Søstrene Grene

Most of the time, I travel with only a backpack, so I am always in need of pocket-size items to save up space. I bought a new tiny hair brush (1.39€)—the one I had broke when I was in Croatiaas well as a tiny lint roller (1.12€) and foldable scissor (1.84€) that is not bigger than a lipgloss when closed.

I already own a lot of travel-size containers, but not all of them are super handy and some broke so I figured it was time to buy news ones. I was so happy when I saw that they were selling foldable travel bottles as I had a very hard time to find some last time. The pack of 2 containers costs just under 2€. The cream jars came in two sizes, the smaller ones costing only 0.22€ and the bigger ones 0.72€.

I couldn’t resist to buy a small coin purse (1.83€) to keep hair ties and bobby pins.

For this mini shopping spree, I spent a total of… 12€ ! Most, if not all of the items I bought  are related to an article that will be published this upcoming Sunday, so *hint hint*.

Are you familiar with this store ? Any other stores you recommend checking out for cheap travel accessories ?

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